Victoria Grieve

Victoria Grieve

University of Pittsburgh

What Makes a Game Empathetic?

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Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics

-Assistant Professor: Pharmacy and Therapeutics

-Adjunct Professor: Information Sciences

Dr. Grieve’s research and practice focus is on the conflux of educational experiences and game design. Through a lens of instructional design, she has enhanced the experience in classes at the School of Pharmacy and the School of Computer and Information Science. One such class, Drug Discovery and Development, is unique in being one of the few fully-gamified experiences on campus. Through the application of game design principles, Dr. Grieve has made strides in enhancing student comfort and ability in what have been labeled the “21st Century Skills”. Dr. Grieve serves as a university-wide consultant for game design and gameful instructional design. Victoria is also an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and specializes in LGBTQ healthcare considerations.