Vikram Venkatram

Vikram Venkatram

Wargame Design, Human Security, and Emerging Technologies
Georgetown University

WORKSHOP: Learn About, Make Your Own Wargame

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Vikram Venkatram focuses on Wargame Design, Futures, & Emerging Technologies. He co-designed COMPETITION: AI, a tabletop wargame of investment strategy over near-future military AI technology.

Vikram is a Graduate of Georgetown University’s Security Studies M.A. Program, focusing on a variety of biosecurity issues ranging from pandemic preparedness to emerging biotechnology to environmental security to bioethics. Scholar of the O’Neill Pellegrino Program in Science and Global Health Law and Policy of the Georgetown University Medical Center, with ongoing work addressing biosecurity and biohazard response, dual-use neuroscience and technology, and global surveillance and policy. Previously interned at the Atlantic Council and at the State Department.