Will Ogle

Will Ogle

Avalon Elementary School


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Will Ogle: Born in Connecticut, and the son of two teachers, John & Dian, Will Ogle moved to Florida in 1998. After graduating UCF, Will took a job with OCPS and began teaching 5th grade at Avalon Elementary in 2002. He is now in his 20th year of teaching and has become known for his Social Studies simulations that he has designed to immerse every 5th grader at Avalon Elementary in the study of American History, as students dramatically live through the events of our country, while also studying them. Will has also led an annual spring 5th grade trip and through the years, he has led groups of students on historical trips to Washington DC, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Aside from teaching, Will enjoys nothing more than coaching his kids’ sports teams, whether that be baseball, softball, flag football or soccer. And during the summer, he runs his own summer camp here in Avalon Park, called Camp Ogle (www.campogle.com), which is a historically themed day camp that runs for four different weeks each summer, each having a different historical theme.

Along with his wife Siobhan, and their two children Annaliese and Finn, the Ogles are proud residents, of their home and favorite community, Avalon Park. And that’s the way it is.