William Ballo

William Ballo

Faculty Academic Technology
Madison College

Virtual Patients, Labs, Simulation and Training from Virtually Anywhere

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William T. Ballo (Bill) was born and raised in St Petersburg Florida, he started his EMS career as a student at St Petersburg College in 1996. Bill has been involved in multiple facets of EMS (EMT ,Paramedic, EMD, CE Instructor, FTO, and Full-Time EMS Educator). Bill holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health (focus in Disaster Management) from the University of South Florida, a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida as well as two Associate’s degrees, and certificate in Community Paramedicine. In 2006 Bill went to England to study 20th Century British History at Cambridge University there he achieved a Level I – I (A+ in the American grading system) from current Cambridge University faculty for his coursework in collaboration with the University of Florida. In 2019 Bill was selected as the EMS Instructor of the Year for the State of Wisconsin by the Wisconsin EMS Association; Bill’s nomination for the award came directly from his students. Bill was the Lead Paramedic Instructor and Paramedic Program Director until accepting his new role as Faculty in the Academic Technology wing of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at Madison College in Madison WI. Bill is a Pioneer in remote EMS education including Virtual Reality and is now putting his skills and knowledge to use throughout all of Madison College with the CETL.

Bill has worked for:

  • Sunstar Paramedics (EMT, Paramedic 911 Call Taker, EMD)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays (Paramedic)
  • St Petersburg College (Assistant Professor of EMS)
  • The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) (research Fellow)
  • Madison College (EMS Instructor)
  • The City of Sun Prairie (Paramedic)
  • St. Mary’s Health Care (EMS Education Coordinator)