2023 SPC Volunteer Application

Serious Play Conference makes an effort to allow attendees needing financial asistance to attend.  We can use your help at registration, as a session monitor or to editing session recordings after each day. Volunteers typically work full day one track (of their choice) and then can attend other Main Conference sessions free. Sessions run from 9 a.m. to approximately 6 p.m. ET.Professionals, computer science and Instructional design students  welcome.

Tech Support: We need volunteers with conference experience to make sure speakers are set up to present and during the conference to make sure speakers are attached to the room equipment and all presentations get recorded. 

Video Editor: If you have editing skills, we could use help making minor edits to the recordings at the end of the day (or the next day) so we can make recordings quickly available to registrants.

Pre-Conference Set Up. If you are local, we could help with badge making and conference set up two days before at the Conference site

If you would also like to become a judge of our award program, or get involved in other ways, you can also use this form.

2023 Volunteer Application
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