Volunteers Needed to Help Serious Play Conf Online

Serious Play Conference is looking for a few Online Conference-Savvy Volunteers for our 2021 program online. We need technical leads to help speakers get set up the week before and ahead of their session time and attendees the week before and the fiorst day of the Conference and a Co Host for each channel/track to deliver announcements at the top of each presentation and record the session. If you have editing skills, we could use help making minor edits to the recordings at the end of the day (or the next day) so we can make recordings quickly available to registrants. We list a few other things we could also use is below.  Higher ed faculty and online computer experts, practitioners, all welcome. 

The Conference runs June 23-26.  We are offering sessions that run from 9 a.m. to approximately 8 p.m. EST, with most sessions running 45 minutes, workshops toward the end of the day a bit longer.  To help attendees navigate, we will schedule a 15 minute break between each session.  Volunteers take one track (of their choice) for a whole day.   If you would also like to become a judge of our award program, or get involved in other ways, you can also use this form.

As a volunteer, you will have free access to this paid professional conference and can attend other sessions that interest you at other times.  All sessions will be recorded.  

2021 Volunteers
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