AR (Augmented Reality) in ARGs (Alternate Reality Games)

AR (Augmented Reality) in ARGs (Alternate Reality Games)

Christy Casey, Founder/ Artistic Director, RuseGAMES / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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In your next game, meet players on platforms they're already using by leveraging SparkAR, a no-code-required software to build AR filters for Instagram and Facebook. Christy Casey (founder of an experiential entertainment company, Ruse) will explain how her team for Resilience 2032 leveraged AR filters as part of an ARG that invited participants to play an active role in the 2032 presidential election to encourage young people to share their vision for the future on social media. Then you'll learn how to make your own AR filters, and even start building during the workshop.

Attendee Benefits:

A folder with notes, tutorials on how to make some simple AR filters, and base SparkAR project files, so all they need to do to make their own filter is swap out the graphic assets as opposed to building from scratch.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am