Beyond the Game – Lean Ludogogy & Innovation in Education

Beyond the Game - Lean Ludogogy & Innovation in Education

Kathleen Fuller, Owner & Chief Learning Consultant - VITALS; Lindsay Portnoy, Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University College of Professional StudiesGAMES IN K-6, 7-12

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What is Beyond the Game - Lean Ludogogy & Innovation in Education all about?

Ludogogy - ˈlüˌdōˌgä-gē - is the art, science or profession of facilitating learning through play or games.
Lean - is to strip away all of the pretense and unnecessary expenses of over complicated instructional practices ( borrowing loosely from Lean Entrepreneurship) to get to the heart of students' innovative capacities.

In this workshop attendees will learn why games, be they playful or serious, develop long term meaningful neuro linguistic and cognitive connections and why in today's ever changing world - “gaming” your systems of instruction utilizing a lean innovation model will lead to improved ideation, increased creativity and risk taking in learning - no matter the subject matter, chronological age, or grade level.

Attendee Benefits:

Attendees will:
Learn the Basics of the Cognitive Science of Gaming - Why it sticks!
Develop Personalized Lean Innovation Strategies
Use a Traditional Well Known Game, Modify It and Use It for Improved Innovation & Ideation In the Classroom
Attendees will get a Lean Innovation Game Box/Bag & Handouts for Implementing Lean Innovation Gaming Strategies

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am