Building Fun and Educational Games

Building Fun and Educational Games

Tom Smith, Lead Game Designer, RobloxK12

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Tom Smith

Most educational games fail. Most educational games are not fun. Most educational games are not very educational. Now you can avoid all those problems and build games that delight and enrich the lives of students (and other people). Play has always been a natural way for humans to learn. Games have always been about teaching and assessing skills (usually very silly skills like jumping onto mushrooms). Good games are a wonderful way to teach all sorts of topics. Let's talk about what those games do right, and how to incorporate that into your (choose one or more: game development process, classroom, human resources process, personal life, or serious game).

Attendee Benefits

During this session, we will collaboratively create an educational game, and use that as an example for discussion of the best practices for educational games. Attendees will not just know how to do that in the future, they'll have one under their belt already.

Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am