Building SEL Skills through TTRPG with Teens

Building SEL Skills through TTRPG with Teens

Monique Thakkar, Mental Health Counselor, Thakkar TherapyK12

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Monique Thakkar

In a groundbreaking 2022 nationwide survey featured in The New York Times, 362 counselors revealed a startling trend: "94% reported a significant uptick in anxiety and depression among their students compared to pre-pandemic times." This session invites you to delve into the major challenges facing today's youth and the pivotal role that Role-Playing Games (RPGs) play in fostering emotional and academic well-being. This engaging session will introduce you to the scientifically-backed advantages of Therapeutically Applied Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TA-RPGs) and provide valuable insights for creating a nurturing and secure environment that delves into themes of purpose, belonging, and self-awareness. Come with curiosity, leave inspired, and gain a deeper appreciation for the potential of expressive arts activities. While silliness and laughter aren't obligatory, they are enthusiastically encouraged for a truly enriching experience.

Attendee Benefits

Participants will be able to:

1.) Understand the gravity of what teenagers are experiencing and how important social connection is.

2.) Recognize SEL activities like RPG as vital for emotional and academic success, that play isn't a luxury but a necessity.

3.) Foster a safe and supportive environment that explores meaning, belonging, and self-awareness.

We have a dynamic online list of resources available that will help attendees further their interests in therapeutic TTRPG.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am