Co-creating Serious Games with Indigenous Partners

Co-creating Serious Games with Indigenous Partners

Marion Blanchet and Alizée Bessim-Gagné, Game Designers, Affordance StudioK12

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Marion Blanchet

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Alizée Bessim-Gagné

Creating a serious game requires many different areas of expertise and requires the co-creating team to respect all stakeholders’ point of views. This past year, we worked on an Indigenous financial board game and video game that gave us the opportunity to bring together many different ways of thinking and ways of working to achieve the project’s learning objectives - to help 12-18 year old Indigenous students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence around financial literacy. In this session, we will show the project’s evolution including the challenges and mistakes we faced to arrive at a game design that effectively reached its goal.Dr. Bower will also present data on the effectiveness of embedding game-based learning in a virtual (meta) environment as well as our experience and approach connecting Whyville to (Note: Please add years, something like PreK- 6 or whatever is accurate) classroom instruction.

Attendee Benefits

- List of best practices for co-creating a learning game with a culturally diverse partner (e.g. Indigenous communities in Canada)

- List of design tools that we utilized including the Gamestorm workshop (video here) to reach the project’s goals

- List of feedback and data collection tools to evaluate efficacy of the game which are currently being implemented

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am