Computers Teaching Pilots – Psychomotor Skill Acquisition

Computers Teaching Pilots - Psychomotor Skill Acquisition

Harvey Madison, Director - Instructional Design & Content, Redbird Flight SimulationsMILITARY / GOVT / NONPROFIT

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Dr. Robert Gagne is a pioneer of the study and application of psychomotor skill acquisition, and used his research to help better train pilots for the US Armed Forces. I am a principal in the design and production of a product that offers guided independent flight training in flight simulators, both to pilots looking to earn additional certifications, and to non-pilots looking to become pilots. In this session, I will detail the process I, with Dr. Gagne's research in my hip pocket, went through, including both the successes and "learning moments," to achieve the end result of a computer application that will teach you how to fly an airplane, objectively measuring your performance and progress as you proceed.

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How to perform useful research when building a learning tool. How teaching psychomotor skills differs (and doesn't) from delivering strictly intellectual content. How to anticipate learners' actions so you can program effective realtime coaching (and what that coaching should be). How to realistically measure performance. How to measure and coach progress over time.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am