Converging Motivation & Career Guidance

Converging Motivation & Career Guidance

Ariel Dagan, Library Media Specialist, Tri County Regional Vocational Technical High SchoolTrack 3 Teacher Play

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In this session Ariel will present findings from the pre exploratory activity our Freshman high school students participated in this year as part of selecting their shops. The "game" empowered them to navigate through and embark on a career quest, draw on elements of their personal character and illustrate how these elements tie into their future career goals.

Through the interactive online game play, they assembled a story about themselves, the game quests and challenges helped them determine a career path in which they reflected on how their personality matches their career choice. They got to know better their character strengths and understood how they can shape themselves into who they are, and what they ultimately want to be in this world! As part of the placement process, this Game they embarked on helped them not only with the decision making process, but also it will help the admin gather data to guide them in the right direction during and after your high school experience. Levels 1, 2 and 3.

By attending this presentation participants will see ways we can reach students and help empower them to use credible library resources and media literacy tools to pave their journey into the future they desire that fits in with their character traits. This approach can be modified to empower students in all schools.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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