Game Creator Boot Camp

Game Creator Boot Camp

Paul Pivec, CranberryBlue R&D, Austria; Maja Pivec FH Joanneum, Univ of Applied Sciences, AustriaTrack 2 HIGHER ED

An All Day Learning for Educators and Entrepreneurs
Paul Pivec
CranberryBlue R&D, Austria

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Cost: $200 *
3 hours

*Purchase these workshops separately. These special skill sessions are not included in a Main Conference Registration.

During this fun, all day workshop, attendees with or without coding skills will create a 3D world using Unity as a game engine and Game Creator as a visual scripting tool.

Serious Play’s workshop hosts will guide attendees through a rapid development process for a serious game using only a drag and drop technique. This valuable day that will provide the basic knowledge and transferable skills attendees can use to make a serious digital game on any platform.

Used within education, by indie developers and commercial companies, Unity with the Game Creator plugin enables anyone to drag and drop highly efficient and functional code into their creation. This allows anyone, from students and teachers through to commercial developers to decrease their timeline to focus on the aesthetics, mechanics, and learning outcomes of the resulting product.

Game Creator can also be used as a teaching tool for the programming process. With scripting modules called triggers, conditions, and actions, users can learn about programming logic with variables, collisions, and loops, but only if this is a desired outcome. However, much of this logic will become obvious while using the plugin.

This 3 Hour workshop will be engaging and informative and most of all, the attendees will learn easy to use computer-based tools that will let them create their own serious digital game. An complimentary Educational version of Game Creator will be provided to all participants, along with digital assets needed to complete the workshop, totaling around $200 in value.

Please Note:
To maximize learning within the allotted time, all participants should bring their laptops (Mac or PC) with Unity already installed. Instructions can be found here:

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Pre-conf Workshop