Creating a Service Learning Model with Serious Games

Creating a Service Learning Model with Serious Games

Anthony Ellertson, Director of Games Interactive Media and Mobile (GIMM) Program, Boise State UniversityTrack 3 HIGHER ED

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The Games Interactive Media and Mobile program (GIMM) at Boise State University takes a different approach to traditional education and applying technology to our lives. Central to our work is collaboration with communities, local foundations and governments to create positive social impact using serious games, AR/VR and IOT applications.

Our approach engages with communities to identify areas of need where technology, and especially serious games, can have a positive and transformative effect. We then apply resources to those areas of need, bringing together university faculty, K-12 educators, K-20 students, community leaders, and aligned for-profit and non-profit entities. The results are real and positive impact on the lives of the people we help by working directly with them to address local challenges.

This presentation will highlight some of our latest projects using serious games & AR/VR applications to help literacy for deaf children, handwriting for children on the autism spectrum, and feeding college students with food insecurities. It will also highlight models for drawing local foundations and governments into partnerships with the university that make our communities better places to live while exploring the bleeding edge of technical change.

The presentation will discuss strategies for approaching local and state governments, school districts, and funding foundations to help solve problems in our communities using serious games, AR/VR and IOT applications. In addition, the presentation will discuss how GIMM's model for funded student development teams allows us to leverage our knowledge to help the people around us, promote our graduating students by giving them portfolio artifacts, and recruit students to the program by involving middle and high school students in our work.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am