Designing a Picture Perfect Doomsday Race

Designing a Picture Perfect Doomsday Race

Sherry Prindle, Owner and Chief Disruptor, Valary With A WHYWORKFORCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING

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Valary Oleinik

Join us for an interactive session that takes you behind the scenes, desconstructs, and shares the lessons learned after running over 10 different multinational online cohorts, in “GRIT AND GRACE”, a gamified leadership simulation program. It was born from necessity during the Covid Pandemic work-from-home global lockdown, culminating in a hybrid immersive “Picture Perfect Doomsday Race”. Learn about the challenges and opportunities that were available when the fully online bootcamp program was transformed into a hybrid Total Physical Response (TPR) experience, involving employees and business collaborators worldwide, spanning time zones across 18 hours. By the end of the session you will have seen how important story is to immersing learners in an experience as you get to meet two of the course facilitators: the encouraging and helpful Dr. Hoo (Digital Resident Helping Others Online) and the evil and utterly disruptive VUCAvitch in the VUCAverse (Very Experimental Risk Simulation Exercise). We will challenge you to identify the countless gameful elements used in the course. You will also get to collaborate with your fellow attendees to conceive of a learning universe that your learners would race to participate in.

Attendee Benefits

During the session we will share a number of tools and handouts that you can use when embarking on designing a low-tech business simulation as well as resources and frameworks that can help you to convert onsite events to hybrid, or vice versa. By collaborating with your fellow attendee in activities similar to those in the actual simulation we hope to spark your creativity and help you to find ideas you can apply to your environment. We hope that by the end of the session, attendees see the advantages of an approach like this and feel inspired to find ways to level up their next learning experience.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am