Developing EscapeIF: Creating a Storytelling Game System for Low-Resource Classrooms

Developing EscapeIF: Creating a Storytelling Game System for Low-Resource Classrooms

Scott Nicholson, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford, OntarioGAMES IN K-6, 7-12

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Scott Nicholson

Classrooms have been adopting escape games and breakout boxes for the last few years as a way of using escape game concepts for learning. One of the barricades to using these games in a classrooms is that they require a significant amount of resources and teacher time to prepare the games. These games are not accessible to low-resource classrooms around the world. Dr. Nicholson has been working with the mEducation Alliance to take on the challenge of creating a system to allow low-resource classrooms to use storytelling games based on escape game concepts. This system, which is open-source, is called EscapeIF, and is a structure for the creation of game scripts that use nothing more than a chalk board, found objects, and active learners. During this presentation, Dr. Nicholson will present this system, the development and testing process, and the challenges he faced in making escape games accessible to a wider group of students.

Attendee Benefits

The EscapeIF system is open-source and the games that Dr. Nicholson has created are freely available. They are scripts, so there is no software required to run the games in the classroom, and the games he is creating along with teachers have been placed in the Creative Commons. Attendees will experience the EscapeIF system and will come away with several scripts that they could use immediately in their classrooms with little preparation. In addition, attendees will come away with the EscapeIF creation guide, which will help them understand how to create an EscapeIF game.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am