Developing VR Medical Simulations for USAF: The VALOR Program

Developing VR Medical Simulations for USAF: The VALOR Program

Karthik Sarma, Chief Technology Officer, SimXTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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We will discuss the challenges and lessons learned from our joint USAF research program (the VALOR program) focused on building VR medical simulation training scenarios and tools for US Air Force special operations medical personnel.

This will include a discussion of the strategies we used to build a shared understanding of needs and capabilities and bridge the knowledge gap between developers, medical experts, and warfighters, and the technical approach we used to build a successful, flexible simulation system that meets the needs of the special operations medics who use it by transitioning from the research lab into active use.

Finally, we will discuss the program's current work, which focuses on developing novel simulation capabilities made possible only through the use of VR serious gaming technologies.

The takeaway learning points will be:

- An understanding of how VR can be used for medical simulation training
- Tips and tricks for facilitating collaboration between research and engineering staff developing serious games and end-users who need them
- Strategies for translating serious games from the innovation phase into production use

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am