Global School Partnerships Through Role-Playing Games

Global School Partnerships Through Role-Playing Games

Lev Horodyskyj, Founder / Visiting Assistant Professor, Science Voices / University of the Virgin Islands; Tara Lennon, Senior Lecturer, Arizona State UniversityTrack 3 HIGHER ED

Lev Horodyskyj
Founder, Science Voices
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of the Virgin Islands
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Tara LennonSenior Lecturer
Arizona State University
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We will discuss an environmental stewardship program that my colleague and we have been developing over the last few years called Greenworks. Central to this program is a diplomacy role-playing game built around a scientifically realistic world that students use to tackle challenging real-world challenges such as climate change, plastic pollution, and deforestation. This program incorporates students from the Global North (US) and Global South (Indonesia and Brazil) as they work to build partnerships and develop skills for local community transformation (which we then fund through crowdsourcing). We will explain the philosophy behind role-playing for learning Earth science and public policy, explore the challenges and rewards of designing scientifically realistic models to improve world building and student decision-making, and discuss the challenges of working across language, cultural, and timezone barriers.

Benefits will include a roadmap on how to develop and cultivate international partnerships; how to simplify scientific models so that they don't overwhelm students. Additionally, we will happily welcome new partners who may want to join and help develop the program.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am