Disruption in the Business Simulation World

Disruption in the Business Simulation World

Antoine Duvauchelle, Co-Founder, LIVECASE INC.CORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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Education is only scraping the edges of what digital technology can offer. We’re changing that.
LiveCase is pioneering a model of digital education that is more engaging and more dynamic than static online courses and case study learning, just as exciting but more flexible, cheaper and easier to create or manage than simulations.

LiveCases immerse players in a realistic scenario through interactive multimedia chat simulations. Learning is brought to life as they face and respond to the challenges that arise as the story unfolds.
For learners the experience is deeper and more meaningful, bridging the gap between theory and practice. For educators, it’s more satisfying, allowing them to create better learning experiences with greater ease.

At LiveCase we started our journey as educators, drawing on our own lived experience of delivering business education programs. Now we collaborate with academic and professional educators around the world. Together we’re reshaping digital education.

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How to author and deliver an impactful learning experience combining context with emotions
How to bridge the gap between theory and practice through storytelling and gamification
How to move from in-person to a virtual delivery seamlessly at scale globally

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