Dr. Zoo – An Exposure Therapy Game for Needle Anxiety

Dr. Zoo - An Exposure Therapy Game for Needle Anxiety

Dmitriy Babichenko, Clinical Associate Professor; Pat Healy, Ph.D. Student, Information Science; University of PittsburghHEALTHCARE

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We will present our work on developing and piloting Dr. Zoo - a serious game designed to change the perception of needles and injections in young children. We will discuss the challenges of designing different interaction modalities (mobile game vs. augmented reality game), as well as present the results of a pilot study where we evaluated the efficacy of the game with two pediatric practices.

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Attendees will learn about the challenges of designing interactive game mechanics for young children when it comes to mobile device-based augmented reality games. We will also discuss playtesting practices, what worked/what did not work with our design approaches, as well as challenges of research design when it comes to evaluating interventions with young children (ages 4-6).

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am