Empathy, Leadership and Healthcare Edutainment

Empathy, Leadership and Healthcare Edutainment

Kirk DesRosier, Instructional Designer / Evaluator,The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of CanadaHEALTHCARE

Kirk DesRosier

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The Royal College is a membership driven organization that defines and certifies the standard of practice for specialty medicine in Canada. Our unit developed and delivered two different games focused on non-clinical skills relating to disruptive behaviour and leadership for our members. Delivered as self-study games with integrated social features, over 3000 physicians have chosen to engage. This session will present the games, their mechanics and describe the development process and tools we used. As well, we will look at how our organization evaluated the games and what we found in terms of physician engagement and whether the games are likely to change attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.

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A key part of the development process was the use of an iterative instructional design methodology that will be shared with participants. Handouts will be provided with a breakdown of the process. In addition, the games used an in-house model of evaluation that will also be shared via hand-outs. In this session we will learn from each other. Depending on the profile of the group I am open to the conversation drifting in any direction. Attendees with technical backgrounds can expect to be provided a detailed explanation of the software tools, javascript libraries and any code that they may feel is useful. Twine, Javascript, Tumult Hype, Google Firebase and Quickbase will be discussed although the focus is not on selling development tools, but rather explaining the technical details if desired. Those with an Instructional Design background can expect to gain an understanding of how to tackle diverse learning objectives in a game-based format and how to create an accredited Royal College section 3 self-assessment learning activity.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am