Enhance Training through Collaborative Team-based Learning

Enhance Training through Collaborative Team-based Learning

Paula Kelly, Director of Integrated Training, NExT, A Schlumberger CompanyCORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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PowerPoint based training is still the main tool in training courses and even in academic learning. This talk will introduce a team-based business simulation and show how and why it is being used to replace the traditional instructor and those pesky slides.

We all know that engaging training is the way to go and beats a PowerPoint Lecture any time, but what takes this online simulation to the next level is its team-based approach. The fully gamified online solution makes use of both collaborative and competitive based challenges where the learners embark on their own learning journeys, decide on their challenge approach and actions to take. This peer-to-peer learning requires the articulation of ideas amongst one another, and creates a safe supportive learning environment, with the edge of competitiveness that acts as key driver for many.
Come and learn about the great impact of team-based learning, but also those pitfalls we need to avoid.

Attendee Benefits

Come away with tips on using team-based learning and the elements needed to create effective group activities that heighten engagement and retention of new knowledge. Experience how peer-to-peer based activities can go right and wrong; turning your instructor into a facilitator; and so help you plan for successful group work and more effective training.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am