Everyone Can Build an Online Business Game; I’ll Show You How

Everyone Can Build an Online Business Game; I'll Show You How

Leif Sørensen, CEO, ActeeTrack 5 GAME/INSTRUCTION DESIGN

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In the session we will make a business game together on a self-authoring digital platform. But more importantly, you will get to see how you can create simple training games for change management, leadership training or to improve communication skills yourself without having any technical skills at all (as easily as answering emails!).

You will learn:

• How to prepare for a game making session
• The steps you need to take to create a simple game-based training for use in a company
• How to lock a group into a training session. I’ll explain the difference between having everyone play at the same time or whenever participants want to (synchronically or a-synchronically gameplay)
• Look at a theory player profile (a personal profile - telling the player how they have done from theory imbedded in the game perspective. The profile is built on choices made by the player)

Prior to the session I will prepare the elements of a small, interactive business training game that we will customize and then play together. After the session you will be able to use the same game with a group in your own company.

All attendees will receive a free subscription to the Actee platform, which will allow you to play hundreds of games that other subscribers have created as well as make customized games fitting any training need you have for your company. You will be able to create quizzes to be used alone or in longer training workshops; play games from the popular change management section or try any of the “bobble” games, which demonstrate better examples of communication style employees might use; or choose to play the card games in the leadership section.

In all sections, you can create your own short training games from scratch or build on top of any of the 100+ premade games by other human resource and training professionals.

The game theories employed for learning on this platform are adopted from the principles of training experts including John Kotter, an internationally known Harvard University professor and widely regarded speaker on the topics of Leadership and Change, and Rick Maurer, another internationally renowned Change Management expert,

You will also be able to choose a game but change the theory to, for instance, Agile, aligning it to the company theory already used when teaching about change.

After the session, you will be able to start your own customization or do as business school students from the renowned Danish university (ITU) do, create business games to teach about a specific management theory or create games based on principles you create yourselves.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am