Opportunities for Your Education Games Business in the Middle East, Overseas

Opportunities for Your Education Games Business in the Middle East, Overseas

George DeBakey, President, DeBakey InternationalTrack 7 FUNDING/RESOURCES FOR DEVS

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The international education market is growing and attractive for education technology firms. Are you looking at expanding overseas?

There are over 12,000 international K-12 schools worldwide and thousands of universities. What is the market potential? How do you sell overseas? What are the options for potential partnerships? What are the issues for doing business overseas? What resources do you need to expand overseas both financial and human resources? Are you aware of federal and state government funding to support your expansion overseas? How do you find resellers to represent you in certain countries?

Game-based learning is a growing area in the past few years in the international education market. This session will discuss the market potential for doing business overseas and the practical suggestions to start looking at the international education market.

Attendee will receive handouts of market potential overseas including the international school market. Other handouts will be suggestions for strategy and listing of resources for doing business such as education trade shows, government funding sources and international education associations. You will also have useful TakeAways to implement in your marketing/sales/business development activities.

Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am