Five Tips for Researchers Who Want to Make Educational Games

Five Tips for Researchers Who Want to Make Educational Games

Peter Stidwell, Executive Producer, FableVision StudiosGAME / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

Peter Stidwell

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Peter Stidwell

You're a researcher and you've just received funding to create the next big research-based digital educational innovation. Congratulations! What an opportunity – and what a challenge! Award-winning game developer FableVision Studios will share wisdom and lessons learned from creating research-backed games, having worked with leading publishers, broadcasters, educational and nonprofit organizations, museums, and hospitals and health care organizations, such as PBS KIDS, Smithsonian Institution, Sesame Workshop, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and more. Gain insight into best practices and pitfalls to avoid, along with how to get game designers, researchers, and developers into the same room, ensuring that all voices are heard and understood.

Attendee Benefits

Audiences will learn five best tips for creating research-backed games, including:

1) Fostering a shared vocabulary between game designers and researchers.

2) Ensuring that both sides fully understand the production and research processes.

3) Coming to an agreement on which areas to prioritize.

4) Planning for the research and evaluation phases.

5) Understanding the playtesting process, logistics, and ethics in a research setting.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am