Formative and Summative Research for Your First Serious Game

Formative and Summative Research for Your First Serious Game

Elli Suzuki, Director of Education Research & Development, KooappsK12

Ellie Suzuki

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Elli Suzuki

In this talk, the speaker will share about Kooapps’ iterative approach to research and development as it pilots its first serious game, Pictoword School, into the K-12 market. How do we validate whether our serious games function as intended? How do we know whether students are engaged with our serious games? Do teachers believe that our serious games can be implemented in a classroom setting? Do our serious games improve the intended learning outcomes, and how do we measure that? How do we provide adaptive games that meet the diverse learning needs of students, and how do we know they work? The speaker will share about its approach to these questions, and a set of learnings from conducting a series of formative research with students and teachers in 2020-2023.

Attendee Benefits

The audience will take away from this talk about various research methods that could be used to collect insights from teachers and students that inform product development.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am