From Fighter Pilot to Factory Floor: Data Driven VR Training

From Fighter Pilot to Factory Floor: Data Driven VR Training

Niall Campion, Managing Director, VRAITrack 1 CORP/NP/MIL/GOVT

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At VRAI we've been creating bespoke virtual reality experiences for customers for nearly 5 years. About 3 years ago we started to focus our efforts on training. Over a number of projects with the likes of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), International Airlines Group (parent to British Airways) and most recently with the Royal Air Force in the UK we have refined our process for generating insights using data collected from virtual training.

In this session we will discuss recent projects with IAG Cargo where we reduced a section of onboarding in their warehouse from 90 mins to 15 mins per person while also increasing understanding from 5/10 to 8/10.

We will also deliver insights from our current project with the RAF. In this training solution we are using a combination of data driven virtual reality and existing flight simulation software to codify airmanship characteristics in military aviators.

Attendees will learn about how data can be used to generate insights in virtual reality training. Those not familiar with the benefits of VR in general will gain insights on that. Primarily via 2 case studies from the aviation sector, they will learn how a combination of new technologies - VR, big data, cloud computing, IoT technology and AI can be used to move learning experiences towards a bespoke, personalised learning experience. They will also learn how data and insights generated in VR can be used to improve real-world operational outcomes.

From our experience, proving an ROI is the single biggest barrier to organisations embracing VR training. By way of a number of case studies with tangible ROIs we will allow them to better make the case within their own organisations for VR adoption. To further enhance this, we will provide a link to our RoI calculator a digital tool that allows users to estimate how long it will take to make a return on an investment in a VR project. In addition we will provide digital one-page handout case studies on projects discussed containing key RoI data. A limited number of printed versions can also be made available, noting our sustainability policy on printed materials.

Combined, this will allow them to build a case for embracing immersive training in their own organisations.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am