Games for Cultural and Language Preservation

Games for Cultural and Language Preservation

Dmitriy Babichenko, Clinical Associate Professor, University of PittsburghHIGHER EDUCATION

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Dmitriy Babichenko

Around the world, more than 6,500 languages are spoken but almost half of them are in danger of disappearing. Globally, many initiatives have been activated to preserve and revitalize native languages. Nowadays, many of these initiatives involve the use of technology and multimedia to document and archive knowledge of indigenous languages. Over the past year, our team has been working to develop a game-based cultural and language preservation, documentation, and learning platform that would introduce a language learning experience through an interactive and immersive game format in the cultural context of the chosen languages. We will present our prototype and discuss the challenges, successes, and lessons learned of developing cross-cultural multilingual serious games.

Attendee Benefits

Attendees will learn about approaches and techniques for cross-cultural game design, working with large international teams, and involving and managing undergraduate students in a large-scale project. Moreover, attendees will learn techniques for developing immersive experiences based on low-resource and low-access languages and cultures.

Sat 12:00 am - 12:00 am