Gamifying a Network of Patients, Providers & Clinical Trials

Gamifying a Network of Patients, Providers & Clinical Trials

Dexter Hadley, Chief of Artificial Intelligence, University of Central Florida College of MedicineHEALTHCARE

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We are testing a new model for delivering healthcare over a wellness network of patients, providers and clinical trials. HIPAA assures patients the right to access their clinical data and use it to better manage their care, and post-COVID-19, patients can almost universally access their data through various patient portals. Medicaid reimburses providers for patient portals, so portals tend to be rudimentary and without much context or support for the patient to manage disease. Despite endless social networks available to build effective and supportive digital communities, none is dedicated to patients sharing their clinical data to actually improve their disease outcomes. We have developed a HIPAA-compliant personalized health records (PHR) app that patients can use to access their data across providers and openly share over a network to better understand and manage their disease.

Optimal breast cancer management requires patients to keep track of complex imaging, procedures and laboratory results tests, but outcomes are worse for marginalized communities without access to quality healthcare. We are launching a breast wellness network where patients can build their PHR to better share this data with each other for community support. By working with online communities such as we can connect a large number of patients to each other through their PHR. Moreover, physicians that can offer critical second opinions and access to clinical trials. We will use fungible and non fungible tokens to gamify signups, building the PHR and sharing of the data. Gamification is key to drive uptake in marginalized communities where breast cancer outcomes are significantly worse, and it may yield critical access to clinical trials that directly improve those odds.

Attendee Benefits:

Participants will receive the following templates: 5-Star Course/Game Evaluation Form, First Principles Course Design Template, and Hierarchical Task Analysis Template, which they can use during the workshop, and afterward to do course/game evaluation and design.

The HIPAA regulations on medical data prescribed how patients can access and share it for meaningful use. Gamification of other social networks like Instagram and Facebook allow them to reach diverse populations. This session will discuss how gamification can be used to develop a HIPAA compliant wellness network and share our insights into doing so. Attendees will be able to understand how gamification with token economics may reach populations traditional medicine has not. Such serious games can save lives in breast cancer!

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am