Gamifying a Semester Long Course in Higher Education Through

Gamifying a Semester Long Course in Higher Education Through

Thomas Burelli, Professor in Law, University of Ottawa, Alex Lillo, Part-Professor in Law, University of OttawaTrack 3 HIGHER ED

Thomas Burelli
Professor in Law
University of Ottawa
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Alex Lillo
Part-Professor in Law
University of Ottawa
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What if, rather than following a class syllabus for 12 weeks, students could participate to an adventure in which they will have to complete several challenges?

Since 2017, we have worked to introduce punctual game-based learning (GBL) activities in our classes in order to make them more interactive and engaging for our students. After seeing many gains, we realized that the next step would be to better integrate game-based learning into the core content of a class, using a scenario.

In the fall 2020, with the global pandemic forcing us to go fully online, we decided to experiment, to create a whole adventure for a course. The adventure, or the story of "The Prophecy of International Environmental Law,“ provides a common thread during the entire course.

In this session, we will present the adventure/story we created. The creation process, the challenges and the implementation will be described, as well as tools for developing such adventures and tips and advice on how to create and implement a story, especially as it would be used in an online course.

We found that creating a story to integrate the core content of a class and GBL activities was far from an impossible task but does require gathering additional resources.

The participants will learn about what we consider being the three pillars of a complete and coherent game-based learning experience in higher education: a story or a scenario, the core content of the course and GBL activities. In addition, they will explore the different ways in which those pillars can interact.

We will share with the participants tips and advices on how to create and implement a story with limited resources. We will also share a variety of tools and strategies available to stage the story and implement it especially in an online course.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am