Gamifying Physical Therapy with no Sensors Using Cloud-based AI

Gamifying Physical Therapy with no Sensors Using Cloud-based AI

Peter Green, Founder & CEO, Rehaboo!HEALTHCARE

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Rehaboo! Exercise Games provides gamified physical therapy for Rehabilitation (hospital patients in need for physical therapy), Activation (elderly at care homes and home care) and Prevention (workplaces and education, also for remote workers and students).

People move too little, sit too much and in general live unhealthy lives, thus we need games that get them to MOVE.

I will explain how we set out to create Rehaboo Evercise Games! -- the concept, methods and execution. It’s a motion sensing game that uses cloud based AI. A game where the user's body becomes the game controller.

Attendees will be able to participate in creating MiniGames, addressing their own specific needs with physical therapy-like movements.

Attendee Benefits:

This will be an example based presentation, an innovative and out of the box approach for serious games for exercising and activation.

I will show the tool and examples of how we created exercise games where player's body is the game controller.

Finland is a leader in education, mobility, digital (video) games and healthcare, and one of the key takeaways will be learning the ways to use various digital assets, services and platforms to create new experiences using serious games and gamification.

Rehaboo! games are played with any device with camera and screen, using the cloud based AI for motion sensing in unique ways.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am