Gamifying your Goals

Gamifying your Goals

Anirudh Cheruvu, Game Designer, QuestikaWORKFORCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING

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Anirudh Cheruvu

The journey to realizing goals can be challenging when followed the traditional means, and many of us tend to fall short of our desired outcomes. Gamifying your goals creates a powerful feedback mechanism that drives momentum and naturally enables you to get into the flow state quickly without resistance. The CHEETAH way talks about how to
* CRAFT your goal
* have a HINDSIGHT for its outcome
* create an ENTICING environment
* make it ENGAGING enough for lasting focus
* have a TIMELY cadence of reaching milestones
* make an ACCELERATED progress with the right metrics and
* make it HARMONIOUS with your vision and purpose
Using the above methodology, individuals have doubled their outcomes in half the time while adapting the game elements. I wish to share this journey of how this can be applicable to academic goals to help speed-learn and some challenges and limitations faced during the implementation of it.

Attendee Benefits

The Attendees will be learning
* How to speed-learn challenging subjects/topics
* Accomplish their goals incredibly fast
* How to get into the flow state quickly and naturally by gamifying their goals
And will be receiving
* 3 Gamified printable Goal-setting worksheets where they can plugin their real-life goals and turn them into a gamified eco-system.

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am