Gaming: Fundraising In Challenging Times

Gaming: Fundraising In Challenging Times

Derek Distinfield, COO, GSD Venture StudiosCorporate / Non-Profit

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Since I have worked in startups from $0-$2 billion and have lots of battle scars and lessons learned that I can provide to ensure leaders can learn how to build a strategy in the face of uncertainty, how digital transformation has shifted the vector of invested projects, what agile teams are, as well as their advantages and how to manage teams remotely.

As the co-founder of a venture capital firm, I have experienced being on all sides of the investment equation throughout my entire entrepreneurial career. From investing and obtaining funding to now supporting our portfolio companies on their journey with securing funds, I’ve learned a thing or two.
There are many moving pieces when it comes to finding, communicating and executing a pitch for investors, but I will cover the crucial yet simple steps needed to help your startup achieve investment success.

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My talk is about fundraising in tough times. Since we know time is the most valuable asset next to money, I challenge the audience to implement my key principles when finding and contacting investors, as well as perfecting the art of the pitch.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am