Generative AI: Why, When…and How

Generative AI: Why, When...and How

Dov Jacobson, Creative Director, Games That Work

Dov Jacobson

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Dov Jacobson

Discover when, why and how to use AI tools in your work. We will explore current technologies and exercise our new superpowers together. It will be an hour jammed full of hands-on creative activities for you to try, so bring your laptop. I hope you'll come with ideas, questions - and share your own experiences with AI, because we want to learn from you, just as you will learn from the rest of us.

Attendee Benefits

- Use Chatbot AI to stimulate new ideas and organize a strategy for Game Based Learning.
- Gain experience using Generative AI tools to produce game content: text, images, audio and code.
- Learn to avoid the typical look-alike blandness that can spoil AI production.
- You will start to imagine how future games can include live AI agents.
- Come ready to share your ideas with interesting new friends.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am