Teaching Historical Empathy with Serious Games

Teaching Historical Empathy with Serious Games

Shawn Clybor, History Teacher, Dwight-Englewood SchoolTrack 4 GAMES IN K-12

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How can high school history teachers more effectively approach the implementation of a history curriculum that incorporates games and game-based learning? This workshop will explore my holistic and iterative approach to designing game-based curriculum in my high school history classes, focusing specifically on the development of curricular units on the late Middle Ages that use the board game Lost & Found and the grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3. Instead of presenting comprehensive units with pre-written lesson plans, my goal is to focus on broader guidelines and design principles that can help teachers identify their own curricular outcomes and the means of achieving them. Practical and logistical questions involving tech setup and access to the games will be an important part of this conversation.

Attendees will be provided practical advice on the unique challenges of developing curriculum using games and game-based learning. This will include a power-point presentation with actionable steps, recommendations for various resources and services necessary for teaching with games (including creative ideas regarding how students can access/play them), and practical examples of two games that have significant potential as teaching tools.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am