Group Dynamics for a Gamified Collaboration Mindset

Group Dynamics for a Gamified Collaboration Mindset

Ronald Dyer, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield UniversityTrack 1 CORP/NP/MIL/GOVT

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In this session we explore the essence of creating a collaborative environment for design and implementation of serious games in organizations. Too often the challenge with serious games integration is not the idea but getting the requisite collaborators to the table.

The talk pulls from personal experiences of creating two games and how utilization of group dynamics approaches assisted in ensuring a useful end-product. Key tenets of the discussion will focus on how do we move from storming to forming and what should collaborative capabilities look like to inform optimum performance during the design process.

Key takeaways:
1. The role of understanding/integrating "good" group dynamics strategies as part of your serious games design & implementation processes
2. Understand how to get teams formed and working in a shorter period of time
3. Understand the importance of the style(s) of collaborators as part of design & implementation
4. Identifying lessons learnt through the group dynamics process to inform future projects

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am