Hollywood Methods for Corporate and Government Learning

Hollywood Methods for Corporate and Government Learning

James Piechocki, Instructional Designer, LightValveWORKFORCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING

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James Piechocki

This is an introduction to the Sabido Methodology (SaM), a psychology and learning model proven to create surefire results in learning for business, government, and military. SaM is not available in US universities because it is taught in Spanish by Televisa producer and sociologist Miguel Sabido. I operate the workshop in a fun, informative hands-on experience in which you create a dramatic vignette in just 45 minutes.

Attendee Benefits

- Create learning retention of up to three years after one 30-minute video

- Enter a "writer's room" and learn from AI-based Hollywood sci-fi showrunner

- Learn how to apply a solid, science-based methodology to learning

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am