How Do We Fix the Education System

How Do We Fix the Education System

Mitchell Weisburgh, Founding Partner, Academic Business AdvisorsK12

Mitch Weisburgh

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Mitchell Weisburgh

Doesn't society need an education system that prepares the next generation to fulfill their roles as adults? We all want a fully functioning society. We are all tired of cliche solutions that allow us to say we are doing something but don't make a material difference. That's so different from, let's go back to what was working before the pandemic. Let's explore how we got to where we are, what our goals are, and the mindset and mental maps we need to move forward.

Attendee Benefits

You'll learn to detect instances of BS and build coherence around the types of actions that really make a difference:

1) Where did we go wrong?

2) Complex, not just complicated, and certainly now simple

3) Aligning vision, strategy and tactics for effective education

4) The cross links between learning, motivation, endorphins, and fun

5) How to counter the work, not fun, establishment

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am