How to Achieve Successful International Business Expansion

How to Achieve Successful International Business Expansion

Diane Glass, Commercial Director, ISC ResearchTrack 7 FUNDING/RESOURCES FOR DEVS

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The world's K-12 international private schools market presents huge opportunities for all vendors offering latest technology innovations.

ISC Research is the world's leading provider of data and intelligence on the international schools market and works with many hundreds of education vendors to support their successful outreach to and expansion within this important and unique education sector. This session will provide a detailed understanding of the scale and characteristics of the international schools sector and explain why every education vendor should be seriously examining the opportunities it offers their organisation.

The audience will learn latest international schools market data and how to establish data-driven strategic international expansion plans. How to use data to understand where exactly the best opportunities are for their business; why international schools are proving to be such a profitable market for so many education vendors and how to establish a successful and lucrative presence internationally. A copy of the slide presentation will be made available.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am