How to Build Top Level Performers Through Positive Failure

How to Build Top Level Performers Through Positive Failure

Julia Rivard Dexter, Founder and CEO, Shoelace LearningK12

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Julia Rivard Dexter

As a kid, Julia struggled to read and learn. Her confidence and motivation was at an all-time low when she was put it the "dumb class" in grade 4. Feeling lost, she turned her attention to sport where she found coaches who saw her potential and created a space for growth through failure in a supportive environment. Years later, Julia secured her spot to represent her country at the Olympic Games and achieved the highest level of performance possible as an athlete.

What were the characteristics of the environment that had such a massive impact on this success? Can the lessons learned from this life experience be translated into actions that support all kids in the learning environment? If they can, how?

Julia is now the founder and CEO of Shoelace Learning, recognized as one of the top 20 Global Innovative EdTech Startups in 2023 by ASU GSV. Her vision is to build future generations of learners with the tools to solve some of the worlds biggest problems and she is doing it through the development of motivating environments that encourage positive failure with games kids love.

In this session, Julia will share what the most important factors are to support growth through positive failure and how educators can be coaches that pull out the top performance in their learners by incorporating these lessons in their teaching practice.

Attendee Benefits

Take aways:

- Specific lessons and examples of how to motivate learners through positive failure

- Key characteristics of high performance culture that can be brought into the classroom

- Examples of how Shoelace uses these principles to build learning mastery for kids in grades 3-8

Tue 12:00 am - 12:00 am