How to Include Serious Fun Virtually, In-Person, or Hybrid

How to Include Serious Fun Virtually, In-Person, or Hybrid

Mark Booker, Co-Founder, GoodGames

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Mark Booker

The future of our events is inevitably hybrid: some may convene face to face, but many will be joining virtually. Unfortunately, the current approach to hybrid sessions is often catastrophic: either a boring and often fruitless sequence of unidirectional presentations followed by insufficient Q&A, or a participatory approach that turns remote participants into second-class citizens. How do we harness our collective courage and creativity when we’re together but apart? Can we turn videoconference constraints into opportunities for reinventing interaction? How do we deepen our networks and expand our knowledge? New digital tools can help us design and deliver functional, fun sessions. In this intensely participatory session we will help you re-imagine forms of engagements to radically enrich hybrid events, promoting a low-carbon, low-budget, high-energy way to stimulate creative engagements and co-production of learning and dialogue towards engineering a safer but more robust world. We will build on our hybrid sessions with the LRF, Red Cross, the World Bank, NASA, the German Government, and beyond, exploring innovative approaches to turning what we know into what we do.

Attendee Benefits

We will demonstrate how the gamification elements we use (structure, rules, a ticking clock, points, competition) can be implemented in every aspect of the learning process both asynchronously and in an open lecture-style environment. We will redefine what it means to play a "game" as we do for many organizations and businesses. Beyond that, we will actually play digital game tools during the session. Each game will have its own unique set of results that come directly from participants and each participant will have the opportunity to take the results with them as a reminder of how our approach to serious fun worked while actually discussing topics and issues that will be useful to participants.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am