Immersive Clinical Training Implementation

Immersive Clinical Training Implementation

Jim Kiggens, CEO, inciteVRHEALTHCARE

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In this presentation, attendees will review and discuss how an Immersive Learning Implementation Checklist is a key to success in the design, development, deployment, support, and research of immersive clinical training (learning delivered in VR supported by AI).

The discussion will focus upon a case-study analysis of implementation of acute care, prelicensure, and mental health clinical skills training for higher education and professional education.

The presentation is Intended for educators and designers that are interested in immersive learning for higher education and professional education. Previous experience with VR/AI is not required, but experience in learning design and delivery is strongly recommended.

Attendee Benefits

Each attendee receives a free license to each of the 4 case-study VR/AI experiences and the supporting Cloud-based enterprise platform. Additionally, attendees also receive access to the ILXP Fundamentals online course that provides additional resources, references, and connects developers in a learning community regarding immersive learning.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am