INTERACTIVE SESSION: Immersive VR Trainings for Medical Education

INTERACTIVE SESSION: Immersive VR Trainings for Medical Education

Michael Barrie, Emergency Physician, Medical Oversight Board Member, SimXTrack 2 HEALTHCARE

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Medical educators have been applying serious game teaching strategies in simulation for decades. Simulation allows learners to practice in a safe environment without risk of patient harm. Recent technology advancements now allow creation of virtual reality scenarios to provide an immersive digital teaching experience. While the VR experience is visually immersive, scenario developers make design decisions for the overall sense of participant immersion in the clinical scenario.

In this session, we explore educational theory that supports fully immersive teaching scenarios and strategies on how to design more immersive teaching scenarios in virtual reality. We will also explore specific situations when the experience should be designed with less sense of participant immersion. This technology and design principles can be applied to a broad range of learners, from beginners to experts in many different fields.

Our group specifically works with the medical field, such as nurses, medical students, EMS, providers and physicians, but these sorts of scenarios have broad applications to any field where simulation is beneficial.

Attendee's will have the opportunity to explore what it means to have an immersive learning experience in virtual reality, and how our company has addressed challenges with participate immersion. I plan to create a handout for this talk.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am