Instructional Strategies for Your Game or Sim

Instructional Strategies for Your Game or Sim

Max Cropper, President and CEO, Five Star Performance SolutionsCORPORATE / NONPROFIT

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As you design and develop instructional games you can increase performance outcomes by using real-world tasks for demonstration, application, and integration.

You will learn to redesign or design a course or game using M. David Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction, which utilize comprehensive real-world tasks for demonstration, application, testing, and integration. Merrill's First Principles of Instruction synthesize most instructional design theories, and accommodate most learning theories. Merrill contends, and research confirms that learning and performance is promoted when it:
1. Is Task-Centered. Learners are engaged in solving real-world tasks and problems.
2. Includes Activation of the learner’s existing knowledge of the real-world task, and the provision of a framework for learning the real-world task.
3. Includes Demonstration of the real-world task.
4. Includes Application of the real-world task.
5. Includes Integration of the ability to perform the real-world task in the learner’s work and life.

You will learn the 5 Star process, then you will design your own course or game. You will leave with completed design documents, confidently prepared to tackle redevelopment tasks. You are encouraged to bring your laptop and/or printed materials for the course or game you want to redesign or design.

Attendee Benefits:

Participants will receive the following templates: 5-Star Course/Game Evaluation Form, First Principles Course Design Template, and Hierarchical Task Analysis Template, which they can use during the workshop, and afterward to do course/game evaluation and design.

Participants will (be able to):
Evaluate a course/game of their choice using the 5-Star Course/Game evaluation form, and share their course/game evaluation.
Create and share a 5-Star course/game design using Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction template.
Draft and share a hierarchical task analysis of their real-world task using the Hierarchical Task Analysis Template.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am