Is Augmented Reality for Me? AR for Science Classrooms

Is Augmented Reality for Me? AR for Science Classrooms

Corinne Brenner, Director of Learning and Development, Killer Snails


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Corinne Brenner

How can augmented reality enhance student learning in a science classroom? Technology that allows students to integrate digital content with the real world can support key learning goals, but there’s a lot to consider to ensure an experience is an engaging hook into science content, and not a huge distraction! At the same time, how can educational designers better meet the needs of teachers when imagining their product in a classroom? In this interactive workshop, we will break down three examples of AR activities that support classroom learning in different ways. Aside from showing dangerous, expensive, or rare content in 3D, augmented reality can enhance student collaboration, make abstract concepts and very large or very small scale material more concrete, and support creativity by processing material into their own models, games, and experiences. After a discussion, groups of participants will consider new examples and design lessons for learners in their own contexts.

Attendee Benefits

Worksheet to bridge learning objectives and affordances of technology
Introduction to a variety of AR activities
Example lesson plan

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am