Learning Analytics for Serious Games

Learning Analytics for Serious Games

Peter Guenther, Implementation Engineer, Watershed LRSGAMES / INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN

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Peter Guenther

Game analytics have been a hot topic in recent years, but how well do they work for learning games? Do they provide the information you need to truly track progress and learning? In this session I'll present xAPI, a learning analytics standard, as an alternative for serious and learning games. The session will cover the structure of xAPI data, options to send (and retrieve) xAPI data in Unity 3D, and example visualizations for using this data both for learning measurement and to inform game design. We'll develop a strong understanding of learning analytics by walking through a case study and developing the analytics plan.

Attendee Benefits

The audience will learn:

-How to structure xAPI statements

-What resources are available to send xAPI data

-Best practices for structuring and visualizing data

The heart of the session will be a case study where we'll look at a game prototype and together develop the analytics plan for it. Takeaways include the plan we develop together (shared as a Google doc) and a sample game project with xAPI analytics built-in.

Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am