Lessons Learned from Teaching Gamification

Lessons Learned from Teaching Gamification

Rob Alvarez, Adj Professor / Founder / Product Manager. IE University / Professor Game / IronhackHIGHER EDUCATION

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This online workshop led is an entry-intermediate level training for learning professionals who have none or limited experience with Gamification.

Participants will learn the five steps of creating a learning solution inspired by games. These steps are applicable to a wide variety of applications and uses. These steps have derived from interactions with over 200 experts of games-based solutions and gamification through Alvarez’ Professor Game Podcast as well as Rob’s experience with games-based approaches at IE University. His interactive learning principles have been in creation and evolution since 2001.

The five steps he will cover are:
● Establishing Objectives
● Defining the Players
● Divergent and Convergent Thinking to Generate Ideas with Game Mechanics
● Building a Prototype
● Playtesting and Smart Iteration

Throughout the training participants will:

● Explore gamification as a way to create a learner experience
● Get hands-on experience with using gamification to design a course/lesson, address a workplace challenge
● Deliver a prototype of a gamified course/lesson/workplace process
● Receive peer feedback to apply the newly gained insights in practice

The workshop will break for lunch.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am