Leveraging VR for Behavior Training: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Leveraging VR for Behavior Training: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Matteo Bottini, Managing Director, Ikosaeder BV, Netherlands; Todd Harple, Intel; Teymur Tahmazov, IkosaderTrack 6 VIRTUAL REALITY/MOBILE

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During this session we will be sharing our experience, benefits and challenges of using VR technology for training and capability building purposes.

Our project focused on building a VR experience for key decision makers who would be involved in running the operations of Olympic venues during the Tokyo Games. While designing the solution we soon realised that VR (to our knowledge) had so far been mostly utilised for procedural training e.g. exercising and testing the knowledge of a clearly defined step-by-step procedure.

In our case however that was not enough since what we really wanted was to leverage VR to immerse users in a realistic environment that allowed these to practice a certain set of ‘behaviours’ which are required to manage a dynamic complex operational site with agility.

The ‘behaviours’ we needed users to practice are more common to a management level role such as rapid decision making on key matters impacting the running of the competition and spectator safety, situational awareness, issue management, delegation of authority, information sharing and more.

The system has been built to track user metrics and provide insights over a number of KPIs to be then used for readiness reporting and assurance, coaching and continuous improvement purposes.

Attendees will get valuable insights on how to evaluate whether a strategy is implementable or not, how to deal with a non-English speaker audience and how to present with the interpreters' help.

Participants will also discover how to build behavioral capabilities using VR and what are the challenges related to this process.

Mon 12:00 am - 12:00 am