Burn Injury Training on Mobile Platforms

Burn Injury Training on Mobile Platforms

Austin Baird, Senior Engineer, Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates (ARA)Track 2 HEALTHCARE

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The U.S. Army is transforming how they train medics to treat serious burn injuries. In development is a 3D training application called BurnCARE, which stands for Burn Computer Application for Research and Education. BurnCARE features new, high-fidelity virtual burn patient models currently not available to the Army for training.

The application is designed to run on mobile devices, which means that medics, even those who don’t usually treat burn patients, can train anywhere, including on the road during deployment.

This session will be led by Austin Baird, Senior Engineer at Virtual Heroes (a division of ARA) and PI of BurnCARE. He will demonstrate this immersive application, which currently trains two procedures: estimating Total Burn Service Area (TBSA) and performing an escharotomy.

Measuring TBSA is important in estimating fluid resuscitation requirements, since patients with severe burns will have massive fluid losses due to the removal of the skin barrier. Medics tend to overestimate the TBSA, which could mean patients receive more fluids than necessary. An escharotomy treats the most severe (third-degree) burns, where both the epidermis, dermis, and sensory nerves have been destroyed. Medics must cut tough, leathery skin to relieve pressure and restore blood circulation. An escharotomy can save a patient’s extremity—a hand, a foot, an entire leg—when the burned skin is acting like a tourniquet.


Thu 12:00 am - 12:00 am