Much More with Much Less: Effective Healthcare Simulation

Much More with Much Less: Effective Healthcare Simulation

Manish Honwad, Professor Anaesthesiology & Critical Care,HEALTHCARE

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Healthcare simulation involves a multimodal and interdisciplinary approach using a plethora of high fidelity to low fidelity simulators involving different techniques to attain the learning objectives while embracing new techniques and technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality and mixed reality and using interactive tools to produce immersive simulation using screen based / live demonstrations of case scenarios. The cost of simulation may be prohibitive in low cost settings or where only low fidelity and basic tools are available. The presentation will suggest the appropriate mix of techniques in medical education and healthcare simulation to obtain a good result with a “much more with much less” paradigm giving a favourable cost benefit analysis.

In this presentation we will bring out case studies in simulation and active learning amongst health care personnel using available tools by using a combination of techniques and even suggested time sharing of high fidelity with a targeted fidelity approach. A systems approach to active learning using a mix of OSCEs, role play scenarios, audience response systems (clickers) during teaching using an active learning approach. We understand learner educator role, and understand team dynamics by evaluating distance based simulation using a force multiplier team approach.

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am